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Tournament Rules 2019



In baseball, Major league and USSSA rules are followed except as noted below.

In softball, USA fastpitch rules are followed except as noted below.


In softball, or baseball Slugfest tournaments, if there are 4 teams of the same age group in 2 divisions, those divisions will be split into seperate tournaments.


Teams should be ready to play 15 minutes prior to game time. In the event we are running ahead of schedule, we will try to start early. The first game will start at scheduled time.


Jewerly is not recommended and if worn, the coach remains responsible for accidents.


Teams must shag balls on their side of the field, I fteams do not co-operate, the umpire has the authority to halt play without stopping the clock.


All substituitions should be reported to the plate umpire then the scorekeeper.


Coaches are responsible for obtaining opposing teams lineup prior to the game. If not given, then notify the umpire at the pregame meeting.


Foul and Abusive language is not tolerated by fans, coaches, or players. It is the coaches responsibility to handle their fans. The tournament director has the right to remove any or all fans from the park,and forfeit the team involved. Coaches ejected are also ejected from the following game unless allowed by the tournament director.


Time limits are posted on the schedules.


In the event of rain, the tournament director may alter time limits, reduce the number of teams advancing, or make any other decision that would help complete the tournament. For one day tournaments, the games may be moved to Sunday due to rain if needed.


Any rain delays will be posted on twitter and then the Champion Diamonds Web site.


Coaches Passes: 4 per team are given. Each coach must sign for pass at check-in. The pass must be presented at entry or a gate fee is charged.


Scorekeeper: The home team is the official book for the game. The scorekeeper must be identified prior to the game for the home plate umpire and visiting coaches convenience.


Bracket seeding: Tthe higher seeded team is the home team through out bracket play.IIf two teams of the same seed meet in bracket play but not the Championship game, ie 1A vs 1B, then the team with fewest runs allowed is the home team in softball. In baseball it is per USSSA rules for determining bracket play.This can only be protested prior to the first pitch.


Protest: $100 must be put up prior to the protest. The head coach is the only one who can protest. It is the burden of the coach to prove his arguement. Only one player's eligibility may be challenged. Rule interpretation will be made by the home plate umpire and tournament director. The tournament director has final say. Age and grade based status are per USSSA rules.


Pitching: USSSA baseball pitching rules are used for all tournaments. After a game is completed, pitching challenges are not accepted unless it involves the last out of game.


Scorecards: are to be signed at the end of each game. Failure to sign will result in a loss to protest score or innings pitched (for baseball). In the event a card is signed that is incorrect, both coaches must verify the mistake and it is still left to the tournament director if a change in the posting will be made.


Slugfest tournaments: if AA team is bumped to AAA, then remainder entry fee is due.


Reentry: Starters are allowed to reenter once in their original spot in the lineup. Pitchers when removed from the pitching mound, may not be replaced on the mound.


Fence Soft Toss: is not allowed on any field or parking lot. Anyone doing fence soft toss may be assesed for damages adn asked to leave without refund. We are proud of our park and work hard to keep in the best condition possible.


Refund: Cancellations received less than 4 weeks prior to the tournament, will be forfeited, prior to 4 weeks they will be charged a $50 cancellation fee. For AA teams entering slugfest tournaments, the 1/2 discounted entries are not refundable except for rain or change in classification.


Rain refund: 1 game started- 50% returned, 2 games started-no refund.


Credit Card entries: $10 transaction fee will be charged.

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