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Baseball   Fields 1,2,3,5,6

          Infields : 2,5, & 6 have grass infields

                   Pitching :  All with mounds

                                                    10 under : 46ft                           

                                                     11-12 under  : 50 ft

                                                     13 - 14 under:  54 ft            

                                                     15 up : 60 ft 6 in

                   Infield surface: Red clay with crushed red brick

                   All infields irrigated

                    Bases set to USSSA rules

                    14 under AA plays at 54 / 80 ft




Softball     Fields 4, 7

          Infields : crushed red brick

                   Outfield fences : 200ft

                     Pitching and bases USSSA rules

                   Also may be used for 9/10 under baseball


Utility      Fields 8

          Infield : crushed red brick

                   Outfield fences : 300ft

                     Pitching and bases USSSA rules

                   used for over flow baseball or softball
















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